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South Indian Sambar Recipe | Sambar Recipe

South Indian Sambar Recipe

How to make South Indian Sambar Recipe

Sambar regularly contains sambar powder, a coarse zest blend made of cooked lentils, dried entire red chilies, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds and here and there asafoetida and curry clears out. Local varieties incorporate cumin, dark pepper, ground coconut, cinnamon, or different flavors.

The vegetables, tamarind mash, sambar powder, turmeric, salt, and asafoetida are bubbled together until the point when the vegetables are half-cooked. At that point, the cooked lentils (frequently the split pigeon pea) are added and permitted to cook until the point when the vegetables are finished. A zest scented oil is added to the cooked sambar for additional flavor and hardening, and the dish is served decorated with crisp coriander leaves or curry clears out.

The expansion of flavor scented oils, made by popping mustard seeds and different fixings in hot vegetable oil, toward the finish of cooking is a typical Indian culinary procedure. A blend of mustard seeds, dark gram, dried red chilies, and curry leaves fricasseed in ghee or vegetable oil is one case of various oil flavorings utilized for sambar. A few varieties incorporate extra fixings, for example, cumin seeds, shallots, fenugreek seeds, and asafoetida powder.

Sambar is a hot south Indian stew customarily presented with rice, rice cakes(idli) and dosa (boiled lentil and rice crepes). It's a sound, delightful veggie lover dish that is viewed as a staple of a south Indian feast.




Place of Origin


Region State

South India, Myanmar

Main Ingredients

Lentils, Vegetables

Which Vegetables are used in Sambar Recipe | Ingredients of sambar Recipe

sambar Ingredients

  • 1 glass masoor (red lentils) or toor daal (pigeon peas)
  • 2 tablespoons sambar powder
  • 1 teaspoon tamarind glue
  • ½ teaspoon dark mustard seeds
  • 4 crisp curry takes off
  • ½ teaspoon ground turmeric
  • Salt
  • 3 tablespoons ghee or vegetable, canola, safflower oil
  • 1 squeeze asafoetida (likewise called "hing")
  • 1 dried red Indian bean stew pepper, broken down the middle
  • ½ red onion slashed
  • 1 teaspoon Fenugreek seeds (discretionary)
  • Vegetables of a decision, peeled and diced
  • Slashed cilantro or mint (for embellish)

5 Main Ingredients of sambar.  You can discover these fixings at an Indian nourishment store or on the planet sustenances passageway of the supermarket. The 5 principle fixings are:
  • Masoor dal (red lentils) or toor dal (pigeon peas)
  • Sambar powder (acquired or natively constructed)
  • Tamarind glue, which you can make by acquiring dried tamarind and dousing it.
  • Dark mustard seeds
  • Curry clears out
  • Turmeric is a 6th discretionary fixing.
  • Masoor dal (red lentils) set aside less opportunity to cook than toor daal. Be that as it may, you can make toor daal effectively in a weight cooker.

Choose Main vegetables are used in sambar: The decent thing about sambar is you can make it as light or as generous as you'd like in view of the measure of water you include, and in addition the kinds of crisp vegetables you incorporate into the dish. Some conceivable vegetables for sambar include:

Onion: a required vegetable that will fill in as a major aspect of the base for the sambar.

Tomato: this will offset the acidity of the tamarind glue.

Spinach: a pleasant, light dash of green in the stew.

Potatoes: heartier yet an incredible expansion to the stew.


Drumsticks: a long, green vegetable that takes after a bean, well known in Indian dishes. The delicate, jam inside of the drum wiped out is eaten and the skin is discarded.

Pumpkin, or white pumpkin.

Brinjal, otherwise called eggplant.

Okra, otherwise called "woman fingers", a very nutritious unit like a vegetable.

main vegetables used in sambar

    Preparation Time – 15-30 Minutes
     Cooking Time – 30 Minutes

12 steps of sambar Recipe | How to make Sambar Recipe

1. Right off the bat cleave veggies like carrots, women finger and jackfruit seeds (expel the external covering of Jackfruit and slash them into 2 parts). Drench them in water and keep it aside.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

2. Likewise, take the Tamarind ball and submerge in water for 10 mins. Keep it aside.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

3. Take a griddle and dish ground coconut, coriander seed, fenugreek seed (methi dana), Kashmiri chilies, curry leaves, hacked ginger, garlic, 1 slashed onion, urad dal, cumin seed, peppercorn, and 1/2 tbsp hing. Put little oil and meal them for 5 mins on low fire.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

4. Presently pound the cooked flavors into the processor.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

5. Crush until the point that smooth glue is shaped.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

6. Bubble toor dal until cooked.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

7. Take a major work or vessel include toor dal with 1/2 glass water. Include cleaved carrot and jackfruits seeds into the dal.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

8. Include Turmeric powder alongside cooked masalas glue. Let this cook for 5 mins on low fire.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

9. Presently include hacked veggies and tomatoes.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

10. Include water as consistency required. Cook for another 5 mins on low warmth.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

11. Inundate tamarind in high temp water for n 5 mins. Press the tamarind and utilize the water. Then again, you could utilize tamarind mash. Pour this tamarind water into the sambar. Include salt according to taste. Cover the sambar with a top and cook for 15 mins. Continue blending sometimes.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

12. Take another little skillet or vessel. Include oil once hot. Put Mustard seeds, rest of curry leaves, 1/2 tbsp hing and rest of red chilies. Saute for 2 mins on low fire.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

13. Blend the above hardening (tadka) in the Sambar. Give the sambar a chance to cook for another 5 mins.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

14. Your Sambar Recipe is prepared. Enhancement with coriander takes off. Serve hot with steamed rice or dosas.

south Indian Sambar Recipe

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Important Sambar Recipe Tips

  1. On the off chance that you need a dash of sweetness to your sambar, include a little bit of jaggery while cooking.
  2. On the off chance that the sambar is turning out as somewhat runny, adjust the consistency by including few spoons of rice flour to thicken it.